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Do[Box] commercial BETA successfully launched

By Uroš Strel Lenčič on 2012-03-28 00:00:00.0 Add your comment
Every day we need to deal with several personal, family and business projects at once. As well as with several people, roles, milestones, tasks, discussions, expenses and questions.
  • • What is John doing?
  • • When is the deadline? 
  • • How much time did I spent on doing this?
  • • What do I need to do and what Maria has to do?
  • • Where is that discussion?
  • • Where is that file?
  • • How much did it cost?
  • • Where is that invoice? 
Because email inbox doesn’t do enought and with traditional project management software you need to do too much to get the answers, we’ve built Do[Box] to help you quickly answer them all.
That’s why I’m super excited to announce that a few days ago we have successfully launched Do[Box] commercial BETA and for the first time introduced several unique features in the field of project management which you will not find anywhere else. Multiple profiles, public project model library, project portfolio overview, float milestones with time and a few more. Ali this features, one by one, will be specially introduced here on our blog in the near future.
With the launch we have also introduced plans and pricing as well as special 50% lifetime discount on all plans which you'll get if you choose any plan, sign up and start a 30-day free trial now during the commercial BETA.
We also have a few great features and improvements in the pipeline which will be released in the next few weeks or so. 
Therefore, join us on our exciting journey and remember that successful projects are about delivering on your promises within given limitations.

Deliver your promises with Do[Box].

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