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Discover, record and save project repetitions

By Uroš Strel Lenčič on 2012-03-26 00:00:00.0 Add your comment
Individuals, teams and organizations around the world are dealing with project repetitions.  They are going through the same project phases and activities over and over again, but still struggle to deliver the specific project outcomes as promised to their colleagues, clients and other stakeholders.
Although, regardless of the type of projects, premade project models clearly describing past project experiences, phases and activities can be created and reused. The more they are reused and improved the better they’ll get, which enables continuous and enormous increase of productivity, success and satisfaction.

Some people recognize repetitions in projects before others. Henry Ford for the first time introduced the moving assembly belts into his plants during the Model T project and changed the industry forever.  
Discover project repetitions, create your own project models, reuse and improve them to not only jumpstart the next similar projects and finish them on time, but also to deliver and exceed the promises you’ve made. 

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