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An introduction to Do[Box], a new and unique project management, collaboration and modeling application

By Uroš Strel Lenčič on 2012-03-20 00:00:00.0 Add your comment
Soon we’re going to launch our second project friendly application to support, inspire and again challenge (now for real) the worldwide project community.

This time we are going to introduce a new and unique Web-based application for project management, collaboration and modeling which we’ve been designing, coding, using and testing for the last few years.

A bit more about Do[Box]

Do[Box] is a beautifully focused and amazingly powerful project friendly application for managing, modeling and sharing projects that everyone can use. With powerful set of features, which will all be introduced in the future, Do[Box] makes project collaboration fun and addictive. This way Do[Box] helps you remember everything that was done as well as everything that needs to be done by enabling you and your team to save, organize and track all those things outside of your minds so you can concentrate only on performance.

Why Do[Box]

Before we started to work on Do[Box], we had a huge problem with the management of all our personal, family and professional projects at once, during the available time. We also knew that we loose a lot of time and energy just trying to remember and communicate everything that had to be done. Of course tracking project time and money was also a huge pain in the ass as well as finding the right documents in any given time. That is why we usually didn’t know where the projects are in terms of progress, quality, cost and most importantly satisfaction.

Project repetitions

Another important thing we discovered and realized along the way was that all our projects went through more or less the same working phases and almost the same milestones and tasks had to be done over and over again. Which also made us feel something has to change.

The decision

Before we started to work on Do[Box] we tried to use several different project management application available out there. But none of the applications solved our problems. Some are beautiful but too simple with just a few features, others are full of features and powerful but hard to learn and use. And there, right in the middle we saw a lack of solutions. There should be a simple and affordable application which would cover all the basics for a successful project management, collaboration and modeling.

That is why we decided to build Do[Box], a coherent Web-based project management application, which will solve all our productivity related problems that we had.


We’ve been using Do[Box] for all our projects for the past several months as well as to develop Do[Box]. Since the first day of using Do[Box] everyone in our team is on the same page during any project and all information about all our projects are still kept on the same place accessible from anywhere and not scattered across different applications. Just knowing where all project information can be found, saved and reused save us a great deal of time, money, nerves and make all our personal, family and professional projects less stressful and more successful.

If you have the same problems as we had than stay tuned for the launch of Do[Box]. It will change the way you think and improve the way you work for ever. If you want to be notified when we launch, please enter your email address on the Ordo Group newsletter signup form.

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