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Introducing Sketch Rolls, a new sketching and sharing application for the iPad

By Uroš Strel Lenčič on 2011-08-11 00:00:00.0 Add your comment
Sketch Rolls is our first project friendly product created to support, inspire and challenge the worldwide project community. It is a simple, yet powerful sketching and sharing application for the iPad, and we’ra proud to announce that it is now availabe to download on the App Store.

Every our project starts with a sketch. Sketching is one of our most important project phases for capturing, exploring and developing ideas, and for the future success of all our projects. Usually, we create a few simple sketches, then we improve the details and we always experiment with different paths. When satisfied we use some of the sketches to start working on a computer. The problem with this kind of a sketching process, especially with organizing, sharing and archiving sketches, is that it takes to much of the time. That is why we created Sketch Rolls, to simplify and speed up the organizing, sharing and archiving phases of the sketching process.
With Sketch Rolls we can now sketch, organize and present ideas quickly and more importantly, sharing is just a breeze.

No project idea is lost

When idea strikes, we use Sketch Rolls to capture, sketch, organize, present and share it during our meetings or while on the go. With Sketch Rolls we always have all our ideas with us.

The simplicity of sketching

In order to get ideas on the screen as quickly as possible, Sketch Rolls doesn't force to select sketching tools from a different lists and set a bunch of preferences. It has one sketching tool, the ink is beautiful and it's easy to use, and just one slider to adjust the width of the sketching line. When sketching with a stylus the lock button can be used to keep the roll from sliding while resting a hand on the screen.

Organizing ideas as projects

Sketch Rolls makes it easy to organize ideas into projects. It has the ability to name the project and add/insert up to 300 sketch rolls per project.

Unique extend feature (patent pending)

For the Sketch Rolls we’ve developed the unique extend feature. Each sketch roll can be “unrolled” up to 5 times, giving the extra space to let ideas flow naturally.

Sharing projects and sketch rolls

Sketch Rolls offers 2 ways to quickly share ideas with the project members. Sketches can be send as an image or PDF file, or as an SRP (Sketch Rolls Project) file to other Sketch Rolls users which will allow them to collaborate on projects.

We are not creating minimalist as we don’t want to build feature reach applications. We want to build project friendly products with just the right features. We understand that an application is no good if it is too complicated to use, and we also understand that a simple application can't be used every day if it looks like it was created for toddlers.

That’s why we’ve created Sketch Rolls with clean user interface, beautiful ink and carefully developed features to offer productive sketching experience. We strongly believe that the worldwide project community needs an application that is perfect for both capturing, sketching and developing projects ideas as well as organizing, presenting and sharing them effectively.

Download Sketch Rolls from the App Store

Sketch Rolls comes preloaded with tutorial and sample projects. Feel free to experiment with them and use them for inspiration. In the future we will publish some behind-the-scene inspirations about how we created Sketch Rolls.

Until then, for more information check out Sketch Rolls website. Or better yet, download Sketch Rolls right now from the App Store and try it yourself.

Have fun!

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