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25th International Project Management Association World Congress 2011. Brisbane, Australia.

By Uroš Strel Lenčič on 2011-08-11 00:00:00.0 Add your comment
The Australian Institute of Project Management is hosting the 25th IPMA World Congress 2011 in Brisbane, Australia. This year the theme of the Congress is “Delivering the Promise”.  As every year this is going to be a global conference of the year for the project community and it is not to be missed.

Uros Strel Lencic [Ordo Group, CEO] will actively participate at the Congress by presenting his paper as a Poster titled “Using Project Models to Deliver and Exceed the Promise”. He will also organize and lead a Workshop titled “Design, Reuse and Share Project Models to Efficiently and Productively Deliver the Promise”. The Poster will present a research in progress about the Project Modeling theory and practice, while the workshop will introduce Project Modeling as a method to be used when project teams are trying to deliver the promise on time, within given limitations and excide clients expectations.

At Ordo Group we strongly believe that this is where the major opportunity for the project community exists and where it can make significant improvements for the efficient, productive and successful future.

Stay tuned as we will publish more about this exciting event.

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