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Do[Box] commercial BETA successfully launched

Every day we need to deal with several personal, family and business projects at once. As well as several people, roles, milestones, tasks, discussions, expenses and questions ... Discover more

Discover, record and save project repetitions

Individuals, teams and organizations around the world are dealing with project repetitions.  They are going through the same project phases and activities over and over again, but still struggle to deliver the specific project outcomes as promised to their colleagues, clients and other stakeholders.
Discover more

An introduction to Do[Box], a new and unique project management, collaboration and modeling application

Soon we’re going to launch our second project friendly application to support, inspire and again challenge (now for real) the worldwide project community.

This time we are going to introduce a new and unique Web-based application for project management, collaboration and modeling which we’ve been designing, coding, using and testing for the last few years. Discover more
Ordo Group about us

Who we are?

We are a group of enthusiastic people supporting, inspiring and challenging the worldwide project community.

Where we are?

We have offices in New York City and Ljubljana.